happy new year 2016

leave behind the demons of the past and look forward to a brand new start.
best wishes to everyone for a wonderful year ahead.

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salam aidilfitri

salam aidilfitri to all muslim member. enjoy your driving/riding to hometown.
please be careful on the road and do not drive/ride like a moron. nay it be a safe journey for all of us.


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back to blog

sharing thought & ideas on micro blogging platforms is boring. you can’t (read:hard as hell) to trace back to whatever you written in past. shitty hash-tagging, unable to categorize and no proper search mechanism. so yea, i’m back to blogging. also i will be using my newly “wea.my” replacing my good old domain. why i did that? oh well, to be honest i don’t feel comfortable anymore to use my old domain name. the internet have become a serious platform to spread propaganda, disinformation, defamation and shit. a domain name that can be associate with terrorism is not a fancy nor cool anymore. peoples nowadays are so serious. haha! so, long story short from now on i’ll be using this domain. meanwhile for the old one i will keep on renew it for the sake of keeping it alive. it’s been registered since may 2015 and it’s almost 10 years now. 10 years… so much memories & nostalgia, i don’t want it to digitally died :)

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