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aku tahu kau tahu mereka tahu

12 June 2010writingsnothingsomething

apa yang kamu tak boleh buat, tak beerti orang lain tak boleh buat

apa yang mustahil bagi kamu, tak sentiasa mustahil bagi orang lagi

apa yang kamu tahu, tak semestinya orang lain tidak tahu juga

apa yang orang lain tahu, tak semestinya kau pun tahu

maka adalah lebih baik jika kita bersikap seperti ubi & padi

diam diam namun berisi dan semakin berisi semakin tunduk ;)

crossword solver using command line

11 March 2010tips & trickscheatcrosswordpuzzle

if you like to solve crossword puzzle to kill your time but sometimes you are stuck with what word you should put in

here's a quick example on how to do that in your terminal

example clue the entire CPU of a computer on a single integrated circuit (chip)

and we have crossword like this


now using common word list table we can easily solve this by

grep -e ^...r.p.......r$ /usr/share/dict/words

note: empty space (_) was replaced by dot (.) notation

also make sure you have the word list package installed

sudo apt-get install wamerican

faster kernel compiling and update

1 March 2010tips & tricksdebiankernelubuntu

if you have try to compile a kernel before, you will know how boring the process is!

it get more boring and annoying when you need to disable/enable certain thing in .config or doing some patches you need to recompile the whole thing again

so here, i want to share something that i've learned alot during my experience in wasting time compiling rt preempt kernel for my el-cheapo laptop!

if you want to recompile any changes that you make to the source like some security patch. you can quickly recompile everything that changed like this. (debian style)

rm -rf debian/stamp # clean stamp build

CONCURRENCY_LEVEL=3 fakeroot make-kpkg \
--revision=0.1 kernel-image kernel-headers

note you need to use same --revision=0.1 everytime you do this.. so just pick one number that you wont forget. 0.1 sound good. CONCURRENCY_LEVEL=3 mean using multi thread in compiling. if you have 4 core processor change it into 5 and so on. it's core+1

another quick workaround that might be handy when you're working on latest kernel from 2.6.31 to 2.6.32 where you get error version missmatch. this is due to build script looking for utsrelease.h but it doesn't exist in include/linux folder anymore. you can either symlink it to ./include/generated/utsrelease.h

ln -s ./include/generated/utsrelease.h ./include/linux/utsrelease.h

another tips is that, never remove original kernel. you will never know if anything break with your newly compiled kernel until you reboot and see it for yourself to see if it really working. mostly, check your wireless see if it's really working or not (based on my bad experience :p)

fix broken /dev/null

23 February 2010tips & tricksshortnote

if you accidentally deleted /dev/null file here's a simple way how to re-create it

mknod -m 666 /dev/null c 1 3

sudu, nasi dan lauk

21 February 2010writingsmerabanmerapu

aku dah kasi sudu

orang lain dah kasi pinggan

ok la, member-member pun tolong  kasi nasi

pastu lauk? ha itu kau sendiri la kena cari. semua mau support lemak la bai!

aku boleh terima orang makan bersuap sebab mungkin dia cacat, mungkin tangan dia patah tangan terseliuh ke apa-apa la

tapi aku takleh terima orang tak reti cari lauk untuk makanan sendiri

semua nak kena tunggu orang sediakan